About Us

The Beginning 

From high school parking jobs to working for Honda, our founder, Curtis, has always had a passion for cars. Hence, when he purchased his first car—a white Mazda MX-6—it became his pride and joy. As a result, the car was treated to regular detailing and quality care. Consequently, many requests for tips and advice about car detailing followed. As a result, the niche business model of C&C Auto Detailing was created to service the local community!

Our Story

After graduating from George Mason University, Curtis Cornwall founded C&C Auto Detailing in 1995. Initially, the business operated part-time while he worked for Air Survey Corporation. Curtis resigned after a long corporate career to pursue C&C Auto Detailing full-time. As a result, the business grew into a full-service mobile auto detailing brand with a dedicated team that shares his love of cars and auto detailing!


C&C Auto Detailing has over 20 years of experience to determine the methods and products that truly provide the best results. In addition, we are experts in detailing all types of vehicles. Our team has an extensive client base throughout Northern Virginia, the surrounding Washington DC and Maryland area. Our story is the foundation of our commitment, passion and dedication.

Work Philosophy

At C&C Auto Detailing, we believe in personalized service. Our team will treat you and your car with respect. Additionally, a clean and well-maintained automobile will increase ownership satisfaction and extend the vehicle's life.

Unparalleled Quality

Our detailing service stands above the rest due to our unwavering commitment to quality. Therefor, we invest in the highest quality products. Our team is known for their process, attention to detail and customer service. Hence, each service we provide is aimed at enhancing and preserving the value of your automobile.